Peloton Indoor Cycling

Peloton Indoor Cycling Training - Fitness Continuum West Hartford CT

Peloton – Indoor Cycling Evolved.

Peloton is the exclusive cycling program offered by the Fitness Continuum.
Using coaching and training techniques taken from professional

road and mountain biking, Peloton takes indoor cycling way beyond the current norm of ‘aerobics on a bike’.

Every class is designed to elicit a particular physiological response or challenge a specific aspect of fitness. We believe every drill or pedal stroke should be performed for a reason, content is always what drives our classes, of course, great music and talented, motivating instructors never hurt. Low impact & modifiable is Peloton is safe and appropriate for almost all levels of fitness.

Peloton Technology: Peloton is the only cycling program in the region to use Cycleops bikes. Fitted with PowerTap technology our Cycleops 300 bikes offer accurate, real time training data, most important of which is

Power (actual not estimated).

Until recently Power based training was the preserve of relatively few professional cyclists. Real time power based

training is the most important development in cycle training since the introduction of the heart rate monitor.

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