West Hartford's Premiere Personal Training Studio.

Why Train at The Fitness Continuum?

About The Fitness Continuum

The Fitness Continuum is a ‘boutique’ training studio situated in the heart of West Hartford. By combining the highest levels of customer service with the most innovative and effective training methods, we offer personal and small group training that really works, in a friendly and supportive environment.

Intelligent Training

We utilize bands, balls, kettle bells and a myriad of other training tools to create truly individualized, functional training programs and workouts that safely and appropriately challenge each client. Our aim is to engaged our clients in their training, not just prescribe it to them.

Peloton Indoor Cycling

The most technologically advanced bikes available, combined with skilled and knowledgeable instructors enable us to use many of the training techniques found in professional road and mountain biking. Peloton has taken indoor cycling way beyond other Spinning programs.

CDR Indoor Rowing

CDR is the newest addition to The Fitness Continuum’s group training schedule. Low impact, total body conditioning for all levels in just 30 minutes. Efficient and effective CDR is also fun and motivating.

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