Wesley Hart - West Hartford Personal Trainer

Wesley Hart - West Hartford Personal Trainer

With over 15 years experience as a professional fitness trainer. Wesley’s career has included all points along ‘the fitness continuum’ from patients in cardiac rehab to multiple world record holding sailors and professional soccer players.

As the former lead physiology technician at a highly rated British University, Wesley understands that the best and most effective training is based on rigorously tested science not on the latest, untested, fad or fashion.

As a practitioner of martial arts and karate black belt, Wesley appreciates that correct technique and good (bio)mechanics are essential to safe, efficient long term training.

Wesley has trained and studied with numerous national and international fitness organizations, including NASM, ACSM, AFAA, Instyle Indoor Cycling, SEKU, BAWLA & CycleOPs.

Wesley is the Owner and Director of Training of The Fitness Continuum and the creator of Peloton Indoor Cycling & CDR Indoor Rowing.

At the Fitness Continuum we believe that personal training should be just that, ‘PERSONAL’. Whether one on one or in a small group we strive to make every workout, SAFE, EFFECTIVE & APPROPRIATE.

We achieve this within what is often described as a ‘functional training’ model. By utilizing, free weights, bands, stability balls, kettle bells and many other ‘toys’ we are able to create

individualized training regimes that improve

muscular strength and endurance, increase aerobic and anaerobic performance, improve balance and co-ordination, increase lean body tissue and reduce body fat.

By combining the science of exercise with highly educated and skilled personal trainers the Fitness Continuum offers superior quality training and levels of service, truly – INTELLIGENT TRAINING.